Friday, May 17, 2013

Back in Ft. Loramie

I've been back in Ft. Loramie for a couple weeks visiting family and friends. Below is a picture of me with Craig Fiessinger after having dinner at Brucken's on Thursday, May 16th. Craig is the creator of the website Fish Report, which posts news from the area and also promotes this blog. Craig is originally from Ft. Loramie, but now lives in Russia, Ohio.

I also stopped into Ft. Loramie High School on Friday, May 17th and spoke with Mr. Brad Turner, the Social Studies teacher.  Mr. Turner took this picture of me standing next to the Indian I restored for the school several years ago.


  1. Hello Mr. Boerger, this is Rufus Defibaugh, Debora Robbins' son. Been trying in vain to find newspaper clippings of the Native statue restoration, and how you had Jerry C and Jerry D Robbins as the models, because you know of my families native heritage. Hope all is well, and Jesus bless.

    1. Hi Rufus! Please let me know how I can contact you?

  2. I would love to be contacted regarding fictitious information regarding who restored the statue and the information of my family members not mentioned in modeling for the statue. Thank you
    Leona Defibaugh
    Debora Robbins' daughter

  3. What is entered in at the historical society is incorrect.
    You are not mentioned
    Thank you


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